Thursday, November 1, 2007

CADclips Unviversity (CU) has been cancelled !

Due to the lack of attendees I have no choice but to cancel CADclips University !

Believe it or not we only have two people sign up !

Unfortunately the time and energy involved in delivering this is not feasable for just two people.

We will be refunding our two loyal customers their $25 and try again next year : )

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CU 11 07 Class Schedule released

Due to US Thanksgiving we have moved the North American dates forward by one week.

New North American Dates are:
November 13, 14, 15, 16

* We will repeat all the classes the following week for my friends down under.
New Australian Dates are:
November 20, 21, 22, 23

$ 25 - Full week pass to all 12 classes (x 2) !

(you can attend both the North American and Australian classes)

Click Here to register for this event.

Click on the image below for an enlarged view of the
class schedule.

Ok, I thank you all for your patience !

We're now making some good progress getting this first CU all organized.

I am going to have to forego the MEP lessons until the next CU to take place sometime in the near future.

Other than that it's all good news.

The best news is the cost for a full week pass is only going to be $25. That is correct, just $25 gets you into all classes, all week. You can attend which ever class you want.

If you want to have more than one person in the room taking part please feel free. Invite whom ever you want.

We ask only that you do not give your login information away to others.

We will be using GoToMeeting and Citrix technology to deliver the video aspect of the classes through the internet.

* Please Note: I will be providing a 1-800 number to deliver the Audio part of the class. You will need to dial in to hear me speak. You will also be getting billed separately on your own phone bill for the long distance charges associated to the 1-800 call. I am told by the GoToMeeting people that the average North American charge will be 4.75 cents per minute per person. This works out to be approx. $3 per 1 hour session. I did not think this was unreasonable.

I will be posting a link to where you can sign up very shortly.

I will also be repeating certain lessons based on Australian business hours for my friends down under. Aussi times and classes TBA.

Here are the Class Outline details as they are being developed. More information coming soon.

Class Outlines: (see schedule above for times & dates)

CU-11-07-01 - AutoCAD Architecture 2008 - Spaces and BOMA Standards (1 hr)

This class will demonstrate the use of the new space objects and tie in the ability to use the BOMA Area Calculation standards.

We will add the spaces, tag the spaces and schedule the spaces. We will learn how to customize the schedule and add additional property columns. We will learn about the BOMA standard and create 3 new Display Configurations from the ground up to display the plan with cross hatching representing the Net, Usable and Gross areas.

CU-11-07-02 - AutoCAD Architecure 2008- Networking Palettes (1 hr)
It took me alot of messing around to get the process and logic straightened out to create networked Palettes and Catalogs.

Now that I have it down to a science it's simple and it works really great. Let me compress about 6 months worth of experimenting into 1 hours worth of training that will make using palettes a whole lot easier.

This lesson is not just for the large office installation the lessons learned here can be equally applied to a single user situation.

CU-11-07-03 - REVIT Architecture 2008 - 3D House Start to Finish (2 hrs)
This class is perfect for a new user but will have something for everyone.

We start with a clean slate and a robust template file. We will model and then document a full set of house plans from the imported site plan to the roof top. Will will do our best to reach all corners of the REVIT tool set, object types and controls.

Topics covered are setup, options, units, templates, walls, footings, floors, doors, windows, roofs, stairs, railings, casework, components, views, sheets, dimensions, text, sections, elevations, details, beams, framing plans, materials, cameras, topsurface, property lines, object styles, linestyles, visibility graphics, graphic overrides, rendering, entourage...and more.

CU-11-07-04 - REVIT Structure 2008 - A to Z (2 hrs)

In this power packed class we will try to squeeze in as many lessons on REVIT Structure as possible.

We will go through the process of modelling and documenting a new structural project. We will start with a general overview of the setup and REVIT Structure way of doing things. Then we will look at the REVIT Structure basics as well as the modelling tools and how they work.

We will cover the fundamentals and look at how the design bar and project browser are used. We will demonstrate the important part that views and visibility play in the REVIT environment and how it differs from REVIT Architecture. We will demonstrate how to start a structural project by importing a DWG and making use of those vectors. We will also look at flat sloping floors and roofs.

CU-11-07-05 - REVIT Architecture 2008- Custom Families (2 hrs)

This is for the advanced user but I always say "no time like the present' to throw yourself into the family editor. This is a great compliment to the Massing class CU-11-07-09.

Here will will build several custom families of different catagories. We will learn all kinds of tips and tricks for modeling, adding local and shared parameters and much more. The actual family catagory types TBA

CU-11-07-06 - AutoCAD Architecture 2008- Project Navigator Setup (1 hr)

This is simple. We will learn how to setup and untilize the Project Browser and Project Navigator to start and maintain a project. More details TBA...

CU-11-07-07 - REVIT Architecture 2008- Curtain Systems (1 hr)

You will be looking for Curtain System projects after taking this class. I took the time to test and experiement with it and now I will present the results to you.

There are 'curtain walls' and there are 'curtain systems'. Each one has it's own advantages which we will spotlight. Both of these use curtain 'grids', 'panels' and 'mullions'. You can use 3d linework or other model edges to create the curtain system 'ruled surfaces'. Then you slice it up with grids, add the panels and mullions and print.

We will also take a look at the panel and mullion families and materials.

CU-11-07-08 - REVIT Architecture / Structure 2008 - Colabooration (2 hrs)

It's time to start going back and forth bewteen REVIT Architecture and Structure while sharing a model.

As a real life scenerio we will import the REVIT Architecture model into REVIT Structure and visa versa to copy / monitor the levels, grids, walls, columns and floors. We will place load bearing columns, slabs, beams, girders, joists, purlins, walls and footings. We will also see how the interference checker works.

CU-11-07-09 - REVIT Architecture 2008 - Massing (1 hr)

Massing is fun, massing is easy. Massing skills can be used to make buildings or to model families.

Model from the outside in and convert / maintain those masses into walls, floors and roofs with the Building Maker tools.. We will utilize both the Solid Form and Void Form sweeps, extrusions, blends and revolves. This is a great compliment to the Custom Families class CU-11-07-05.

CU-11-07-10 - REVIT Architecture 2008 - Phasing and Design Options (1 hr)

More details TBA...

CU-11-07-11 - REVIT Structure 2008 - Rebar Reinforcing (1 hr)
I think most people try the rebar tools once or twice, get confused and then give it up. I can clear up that confusion and get you up and modelling 3D rebar. You can place rebar from a plan view or section view.

We will model the 3D rebar for 2-3 different scenrios to try to demonstrate a few methods.

CU-11-07-12 - REVIT Architecture 2008 - Walk Throughs (1 hr)
Walk throughs are invaluable to the eye of the observer. Sure you and I can picture it all in 3D but can the customer?
We will put together an interior and an external walk through and export it to an AVI.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Annual CADclips University is very proud to announce the first annual, completely online and interactive CADclips University (CU).

* My apologies. Adding in the new 'Polls' option on the left side of this blog seems to have disabled the 'Back' button of the web browser. I have notified Google/Blogger and apologize in the mean time.

Now's your chance to say "I was at the first CU'

<- Please take the POLL on the left hand side of this blog if you are interested.

Here's the poop.

November 13, 14, 15, 16 2007 (revised)

In the comfort of your chosen environment.

Meals and refreshments:
From your ice box or favorite delivery

Transportation to/from the Airport

Hotel reservations:

A computer with high speed internet and preferably a speaker phone.

Sound good so far........ ?

We will be posting more details and 'early bird' registration fees in the near days to come.

In the mean time, if you wish to inquire or suggest a topic, now is the time. Just comment to this blog or send me an email .